Who are we?

Enterprise LLC "Spetshim-KR" was founded in 2017 to produce emulsifiers, used to produce return. Our products are mainly used in mining industry to make emulsion explosives (EE).

Enterprise LLC "Spetshim-KR" is located in Ukraine, in the city of Kryvyi Rih. Not only do we produce the material, but, if needed, we deliver the products to our clients.

Enterprise LLC "Spetshim-KR" produces emulsifiers (surface active agents) under commercial names special oils "Emol" of grade A, B, according to Ukrainian standards ТУУ 23.2-33264625-001:2005, that are used to produce emulsion explosives. Using of EE is economically beneficial and provides explosive works with minimum contamination of the environment. Our consumers are the biggest producers of EE in Ukraine. We reached optimal ratio of price to quality for the manufactured products.

The basis of the production is our scientific developments that made it possible to create a surface active agent (emulsifier) that meets the demands in the industry concerning production of industrial emulsive explosives. We developed formulation and technology to receive emulsifiers at big scale and also organized designing of the plant for their synthesis.

The enterprise develops new emulsifiers in order to extend fields of usage of EE including conditions of underground. We adjust properties of emulsifiers for the conditions of work and types of raw materials of specific consumers.

Enterprise LLC "Spetshim-KR" is ready for cooperation to implement the existing oils "Emol" of grade A, B, C and to develop surface active agents with the properties the customers need.

Our production

"Emol" grade B

Special oil "Emol" of grade B, standard ТУ У 23.2-33264625-001:2005 is designated to make the simplest EE of Igdanit type (ANFO)

"Emol" grade B

Special oil "Emol" of grade B, standard ТУ У 23.2-33264625-001:2005 is an emulsifier of the second type to obtain return emulsions of type

"Emol" grade A

Special oil "Emol", grade A ТУ У 23.2-33264625-001:2005 is designated to produce EE